Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A barefooted lass holding sandals

You wake up early in the morning, get ready for work and is waiting for the office vehicle to take you to office. Just then a girl walks by you barefooted holding her sandals. How do you feel right at that moment? I wanted to laugh with all my heart. But unfortunately that was a public place and you don't do that if you are a gentleman. Do you expect such a view early in the morning at 6 o'clock? Well I didn't. I was actually dumb for a moment when I saw that view. Well thinking of the girl she was so so unfortunate that she had to walk barefooted in the main road early in the morning holding her sandals and everybody gawking at her like she is a alien. I felt sorry for her though. She never would have thought that her day will start so inauspiciously. It was such an awkward moment. I was actually waiting what would she be doing to go wherever she wanted to go. But I was not that lucky. My office vehicle came before she could anything. But I was thinking for a long time what I would have done if I was there. That was a very tricky moment. I don't know.

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